Peoria First Friday Location List and Route Map



Ear in the Envelope Inc will not be open for First Fridays until March 2017.  

One World will be closed for First Fridays Until April 2017.

Goddess Boheme is no longer open.


Peoria First Friday FREE Bus Stop Locations


The Contemporary Art Center, 305 Water Street,  309-674-6822

The Hive, 305 SW Water,  309-360-4880

Stop 2

First United Methodist Church, 116 NE Perry Ave, 309-673-3641

Stop 3

Studios on Sheridan/Sunbeam Building, 929 N Sheridan Road, 309-361-7430,  Sunbeam Facebook

The Art Garage Studio and Gallery, 712 Main St,   309-231-2511

Goddess Boheme, 606 W. Main St,  309-393-9449

Stop 4

One World Cafe, 1245 W. Main St,  309-672-1522

Stop 5

Prairie Center of the Arts, 1412 SW Washington St,  309-673-5589

Stop 6

Wheel Art Pottery Studio, 1101 SW Washington St, http://bitly/wheelart   309-306-1741

Stop 7

Ear in the Envelope Inc, 820 SW Adams Street Ear in the Envelope Facebook  309-550-3518

Art Space, 817 SW Adams, Ste 201, ART SPACE Facebook  309-868-0474